Your data in your hands: PescaData´s dashboard

It is important that fishing organizations record their daily fishing effort (for example: species caught, catch volume, income, expenses, etc.) to ensure a fair and appropriate distribution of the benefits. Well-managed small-scale fisheries, with community participation, usually have adequate records to track their fisheries, since the people engaged in fishing themselves are interested in keeping the records, participate in the evaluation processes and implement the fishing regulations. Societies, technology and needs change and fishing and fishing regulations must adapt to meet theses challenges, and, as such, management tools must adapt as well

The data and administrative control of your fishing activity: The systematization and organization of information is an important component of keeping track of your catches, income and expenses, both individually and for your fishing organization. PescaData understands the importance of this and of having up to date data. For this reason, the web platform “El Tablero” allows, you, the fisher, to enter, visualize and download your data when you need it. PescaData seeks to promote and improve the collection of fishery data, encouraging fishers to keep systematic records of their catches and to move towards better fishing practices and sustainable fisheries.

What is the dashboard? On the dashboard you will have access to the records of your fishing activity, you will be able to view and explore any administrative requirements or analysis you need. With the dashboard you will have your data when you need it. Only you and your fishing organization can access your data.

PescaData has shared the functionality of the dashboard with members of Mexican fishing cooperatives in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region: They are fishermen and women interested in implementing sustainable fishing practices and keeping track of their catches. The cooperatives are in different phases of achieving sustainable practices, but that does not limit their interest in learning how to use PescaData and the dashboard. The exchange between the cooperatives allowed them to understand the dynamics of each one of them face while fishing: the cooperatives that are still in the learning process learned from fishers who are already fishing sustainably - the challenges and hurdles along that path, as well as recommendations on how to use these tools to achieve that goal.

If you would like to know more about this tool and its use, contact us!: or send us a WhatsApp: (+52) 961 320 6843



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